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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to the website of the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences which in now recognised as one of Ireland’s leading providers in the areas of Counselling & Psychotherapy Courses, Business courses, Childcare Courses to name but a few. counselling

For those considering Counselling & Psychotherapy courses, you should note that both Counselling and Psychotherapy will shortly become regulated professions under CORU in the same way Social Workers have now been regulated under CORU. Our courses are available in Dublin, Limerick, Galway and in other locations nationwide and are accredited by Quality and Qualifications Ireland.

Whether you are returning to education as a mature student or entering third-level education for the first time ICHAS will support your learning. The College is dedicated to the delivery of high–quality programmes in the areas of counselling, psychotherapy childcare and youth studies, business studies, spirituality and well-being.

Lindsey Liston

I would recommend ICHAS as a place of study to anyone who is motivated, enjoys self directed learning and who is looking for flexibility and support in terms of programme delivery at a low cost and to those who demand high quality, recognised courses delivered by excellent staff.

Lindsey Liston
M.A. Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy